Tuesday, May 29, 2012

America Defined

America is...

More than just a country. More than its people. More than its beliefs. A tangible thing. The torch President John F. Kennedy spoke of that is passed between the generations. A bright light in the history of human civilization. A combination of our past, present, and future. Our triumphs and failures. Our dreams, those we have made reality and those yet to be realized. The whispers of wisdom from the past that guide us to this very day. The genius of a society guided by, and a government subservient to the rule of law. Evidence of what happens when the awesome power of human potential is unleashed, and when an individual's status is the product of the individual's own actions. The sacrifice of life, limb, and missed moments that have been borne by all that have worn the many uniforms of our nation's military. The worry, longing, and hope of those that are left behind. Our majestic flag waving defiantly against the ever present winds of tyranny and repression, while symbolizing our foundation of freedom, strength, honor, and the promise of self-determination. Our rising to the challenge, resurrection from the ashes, learning from our mistakes. Our evolution from a loosely bound group of colonies to global power. A transformation from a fragile idea that our forefathers dared to conceive, to a mighty nation that has stood the test of time. Our redefining the world, and our liberation of God given rights. Our example of the greatness of possibility, the results of determination, and the undeniable conviction of the American Spirit. The enshrined freedom to speak our minds, worship our God, and choose our leaders. Our choice in allies and how we treat them. Who we make our enemy and how we choose to deal with them. Our selection of when to make a stand, and how steadfast we remain. The sleeping giant. A gift as the world has never seen, and one many do not properly appreciate. Our home and our birthright. Our blessing and our responsibility. The source of never ending envy. A short but glorious history, full of monumental success and regrettable transgressions. Our aspirations, our decisions, and our motivations. Our burden to bear for being the “shining city on the hill.” Our reputation, the result of a people who repeatedly defied the odds. Our ability to come together in trying times to confront and defeat anyone or anything that dares to threaten us. Our ability to continually rise up, regardless of how hard or how many times we are stammered. Our variety, our melting pot, our culture – the product of being a nation that draws from all the corners of the world. A great mosaic of people coming to seek a chance, a chance to turn hope into aspirations fulfilled. Facing the disturbing fact that we are our own greatest threat, and our only hope for redemption. Understanding that we are the solutions as we created the problems. Our arrogance of entitlement, the result of losing faith in ourselves. Our ignorance, the consequence of selling our souls to the highest paying politician. Our failing integrity, the effect of looking to place blame instead of accepting responsibility. Our free market system under constant assault from the intrusive and self-righteous hand of government. Mankind's last, best hope at its most natural civilized state. The possibility of a fulfilled prophecy of downfall for failing to hold ourselves accountable as informed and prudent voters. Knowing that we owe a debt to those that came before us. Accepting the obligations that this nation demands of its citizens. Standing vigilant during our turn as the guardian of the flame in order to ensure the promise continues, and an ever-brightening torch is passed to the next generation.

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