Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Presidential Election - Faith in the Individual or in Government

This election is one of those moments where the decision we make as a nation will have unimaginable and far reaching ramifications.  This is more than just a decision between two candidates or even two parties.  We are deciding and voicing to future generations the type of people we are and the type of nation we choose to be.  This election is part of the legacy we leave to our children and to the rest of the world.  This is a very stark choice between two very different Americas.

Do you choose to place your faith in the individual or in the government?  Do you embrace self-determination and the inherent responsibility that comes with it, or do you forsake ‘the pursuit of happiness” and subjugate yourself to the will of government?  Do we continue to mortgage our future in an effort to pay for the expansion of a caretaker government, or do we finally pull off the band aid and act responsibly by holding government accountable to sound fiscal principals?  Finally, do we choose to reward a president that has continually exceeded his constitutionally limited powers, misleads and conceals information from us in regards to both Fast and Furious and Benghazi, has increased our national debt by sixty percent, and has fostered the most politically divisive environment in recent history? 

Barack Obama’s political ideology and his almost four years in office have confirmed he is a disciple of the religion of government.  He views it as the all-encompassing solution.  If there is a problem or decision to be address, the answer is always more government.  Healthcare, job creation, and the financial crisis are all areas where the current administration dabbled and predictably every time they increased the size and scope of government.  President Obama is a supporter of big government for one reason, he is government.  When he pushes for the expansion of government power, he is doing so to increase his own power.  This comes from the arrogant belief that he knows better than you do.  He has succumbed to a messianic self-image, the result of unsubstantiated praise and accolades heap upon him by a desperate and naive electorate.  In this process he has lost perspective, he no longer sees government as a representative of the people; he sees government as the rightful and necessary ruler of the people.

Mitt Romney is a self-made man, and because of this he is the antithesis of Obama’s ideology.  His individual success exposes the need for big government as the falsehood it is, and because of this Obama reviles him.  Combine this with the fact that time and again Romney has proven his mettle in positions of pressure, consequence, and leadership with an outstanding record of success and the threat he presents to a second Obama term brings the current occupant of the White House to a point of near rage.  A rage that recently manifested itself in Obama’s call for a vote of revenge.  How dare someone question the great Obama.  Regardless of your feelings toward the wealthy or the Republican Party, Romney has amassed a resume through his time in both the public and private sectors that inspires confidence in his ability to effectively lead.  There is no doubt that an effective leader is what our country so desperately needs.  We are adrift in a sea of stagnation.  We have become a bitter and divided nation with a government seemingly unable to put the nation ahead of party.  This is the result of the Obama presidency, and as with any mistake, we must learn from it and move on in alternative direction. 

Both presidential candidates have said it multiple times, and it is very true – this is a watershed election.  Regardless of your social beliefs, party affiliation, personal feelings toward the candidates, or who you blame for the continued economic malaise, the paramount question you must ask yourself is – What kind of country do you want?  Will we be a nation that is based on and embraces the individual, or one that is based on and subjugates itself to government?  If you believe that life with the opportunities and choices it presents are beyond your abilities, necessitating a large national government to limit your options or make the choices for you, then Barack Obama is your candidate.  If you cherish your right to self-determination, and want to live a life that is a culmination of your decisions and dreams, then Mitt Romney is your choice.  Our nation is one founded on the principle of the individual.  We existed as colonies under a large and intrusive government; we became a nation when we chose to place faith in ourselves.  It is this leap of faith that makes us exceptional.  If we chose a big government president, we are rejecting our heritage as the originators of self-rule.  Big government is the bastion of a people that lack self-confidence.  While times have been tough for us for the last several years, we must not sacrifice what makes us the envy world and uniquely American. 

“I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men will be trusted to govern themselves without masters.” – Thomas Jefferson   

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