Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Odds Are Always Better When You Bet on Stupid

The odds are always better when you bet on stupid.  President Obama did and has been reelected.  The American people have endorsed a man that has completed his transformation of America as we now reward failure and accept dependence.  The spirit of the individual that was the very basis of our country’s founding has been replaced by an expectation of government supported entitlement.  We no longer believe in accountability, we no longer strive for leadership, and we are no longer exceptional.  Exceptional people do not settle for and would not vote for a president that has succeeded only in furthering us down the path of irrelevance.

Logic seems to have no part in our voting decisions.   Tonight we had states that have elected Republican state governments, are enjoying positive results from their leadership and conservative principles, and yet they cast their presidential vote for Obama.  We complain about the gridlock in Washington DC that has been so prevalent during the last two years and yet we vote for a return of the same situation.  We returned to the seat of power an administration that socialized medicine in a conniving and purely partisan manner against our protests.  How does one justify this to themselves?  I’m guessing this conflict never entered the minds of most as it is advanced contemplation.  As today’s election so clearly illustrated, most Americans are not up to the challenge.  Common sense is quickly approaching extinction, just like the requirements that our elected leaders display character, results, and leadership. 

Apparently we want our president to be likable, pander to us, and live by the mantra of the truth be damned.  Our national election devolved into a high school popularity contest.  The cool guy won.  We now think so little of the office of President of the United States that we set aside qualifications, unfulfilled promises, four years of deception and secrecy, and a complete lack of success to reelect a man that has deceived so many into believing that he actually cares about them.  Labeling these people fools is far too kind.  This administration does not care about you, but they do understand you.  While the Republicans continued to give the American people too much credit, the Obama campaign brilliantly took advantage of their cluelessness and naivety.  They allowed you to see what you wanted to see and dismiss reality.  We will see if he is able to pull the wool over some many eyes for another four years.  When you have so many that are so willing to be patsies, a con is not hard to pull off.

I have no doubt that our founders are looking down on us with a great deal of disdain tonight.  We have failed all those that came before us as we renounced the very essence of the nation they worked and fought so hard to create.  We have voted to return to the situation of intrusive and rampant government that this nation was born to oppose.  Rugged individualism has been supplanted by government support.  Every great civilization falls because the essential characteristic that separated them from all others is lost.  Tonight we affirmed we are most definitely on this path.  Self-inflicted pain is the worst kind, and as the far reaching effects of tonight’s vote are revealed over the next four years we should reflect on these words – elections have consequences.  I know the words that will come to mind every time I see a fading Obama/Biden 2012 bumper sticker – It is always better to bet on stupid.

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