Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Ultimate Teflon President

How ironic that a man who constantly preaches equality is the benefactor of such blatant inequality when it comes to being held accountable.  We have had several presidents conferred the status of being “Teflon” in one manner or another, but none match the complete impunity bestowed on President Obama.   This man, with a suspiciously guarded past, rode a deftly manufactured wave of enthusiasm about his baseless messiah like potential all the way to the Oval Office.  A candidate with many more questions than answers was strangely accepted at his word, not subject to the normal doubt most politicians are deservedly made to prove they are not worthy of.   While lacking any history of leadership or a record of producing results, Obama was instantly deemed not just qualified for the position of leader of the free world, but destined for it.  Flaws were and would be ignored, dismissed as simply political attacks by a desperate opposition.  While unsubstantiated and even ludicrous accusations hurled at his political foes are taken as the gospel, never subject to the normal litmus test of supporting evidence.  He is never made to justify or validate his views, let alone defend them to a discerning public.  Failed policy and a record of lackluster results would be blamed on factors and forces beyond the control of the infallible 44th President of the United States.  Somehow, the person who should be subject to the most scrutiny, the one who should be held to the highest standard of accountability, and the one who should be put through the most rigorous vetting process is instead given a pass.  He enjoys such a state of national ambivalence that his continued escalation of government intervention and dismissal of Constitutional processes is not surprising.  If one is not held to task, and consequences do not exist, simple arrogance quickly devolves into the destructive perception of being untouchable.  As history has shown, and our founders stated time and again, “leaders” that are not held accountable rapidly become tyrants.   

The ultimate weapon in the power game is information.  Controlling information through access, spin, and emphasis is key as it allows one to dictate perception, and in today’s world filled with people not interested in going beyond the surface of what is spoon fed to them, perception is reality.  Shaping the national narrative is much easier when the majority of the country’s media make it their mission to diminish shortcomings and embellish merits of one point of view.  President Obama’s election and reelection are direct results of this concerted effort.  This is how a man who believes and espouses a far left ideology that has failed everywhere it has been implement and is in direct conflict with our very successful foundational belief of earned prosperity through self-reliance is elected our leader.  It is quite a feat to get the majority of American voters to voluntarily choose proven failure over proven success, but when your most ardent supporters control most of the nation’s informational outlets the propaganda machine is almost impossible to ignore.  Just like a constant drip of water, resistance is futile as it eventually bores its way in.  A task made that much easier when the audience is increasingly disgruntled causing them to be all the more receptive to a contentious message of envy and excuse.

Being relieved of the burden of responsibility can be a very alluring proposition, and if someone is providing you with this opportunity, you are much more willing to reciprocate.  President Obama has blamed Wall Street, banks, corporate America, and the wealthy for all of the problems that have befallen this country over the last several years.  Somehow these evil forces have stolen the possibility of success and prosperity from average Americans.  Just as the Republicans, Mother Nature, and a run of bad luck were the entities responsible for the numerous failures that were commonplace in Obama’s first term.  Knowing who to blame when things don’t go well is the key to pulling off the diversion.  Pick the right type of person or group to be the fall guy, the type that are easier to dislike because they naturally insight feelings of resentment in the masses, and the people won’t pay any attention to the man standing behind the curtain.  Jealousy and envy are generally worthless feelings, but become quite useful when you need to blind someone to the truth.  President Obama and his goal of making this country mediocre and dependent maintain a healthy amount of support despite the glaring fact of its destructive ends because the heavily laced class warfare message gives us permission to punish those that have proven to be more accomplished.  It plays to the dark side of human emotion that wants to believe it is deserving of something despite logic and conscience relentlessly harping on the fact you haven’t earned it.  How liberating to be able to dismiss those pesky feelings of doubt, all that is required is to become an obedient disciple of those incessantly preaching the sermon that earned takes a backseat to entitled.

To appease a crowd one must know their audience; what motivates them, what appeals to them.  What do they want and what are they willing to sacrifice to get it.  President Obama and his election team did a phenomenal job of reading the American people.  Though the tactic is far from new, giving the discontented masses a villain to blame while portraying himself as the great salvation was so well played that it bought him a two term presidency.  Even after a first term filled with little to be optimistic about, Obama cruised to a comfortable reelection victory.  Failed policies, obvious political cover-ups, and an unprecedented run up of federal debt and yet none of it stuck.  The president and his entourage have sold many Americans on the artfully crafted virtues of his liberal utopian vision.  “Yes we can”, has manifested itself in the physical world by way of socialized medicine, reduced workforce participation, and a massive rise in participation in government assistance programs.  Through it all the faithful persevere.  It is much like the completely illogical loyalty that cult leaders enjoy, the disciples suffer and yet they continue to believe.  May I have another?  The Obama presidency is a strong testament to the notion that if you tell people what they want to hear, your ability to fulfill promises made has little bearing on how far they are willing to follow.  It is also further proof that your odds are always better when bet on stupid.

President Obama’s aptitude for effortlessly skirting accountability for his unremitting failure as president is rare, but not unprecedented.  People want to be taken care; they want someone or something to make it all better.  When you combine an enthusiastically complicit national media with a wary and thoroughly oblivious national electorate, you get a situation ripe for an unrestrained national government.  People can do and have done unfathomable things in the name of faith.  Especially when that faith is placed in a most undeserving person; hope overcomes common sense and the burden of proof that all humans are subject to.  Benefit of the doubt should only last so long, and four years is well beyond that limit.  Some people just don’t live up to the hype regardless of how relentlessly a devoted mainstream press continues to promote the myth.  Leaders want to be held accountable, they relish being pivotal in determining the outcome of the situation at hand.  The current president only accepts responsibility on the rare occasion that things go well; failure is always someone else’s fault.  Reelection is an affirmation of a president’s actions during their first term, which makes Obama’s reelection a very damning commentary on our nation.  If we endorse an unaccountable national leader, who do we believe should be held accountable?  Then again maybe that is the point, if we don’t hold anyone accountable maybe we will continue to be afforded the same.  If this is our choice we should be made aware that unaccountability on a national level leads to only two possible outcomes: anarchy or tyranny.  Either way mankind’s most audacious experiment ends in failure with the responsibility for its demise indubitably resting squarely on the hands of its unaccountable citizens.