Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Buck Doesn't Stop Here

I have struggled to come up with something to write for the past several weeks.  The issues that have surfaced recently are all things making repeat appearances.  The Obama administration is consistent if nothing else.  It was in this déjà vu that inspiration was found.  The fact that this president is currently confronted with multiple situations resulting from questionable conduct is no surprise.  His political grooming was the product of the notoriously corrupt Chicago political machine.  An upbringing producing an engrained mindset that the rules were meant for other people and persuasion is achieved through intimidation.  A brutish approach that is inherently self-destructive though.  Simple arrogance quickly evolves into a sense of political invincibility.  Without bounds and being placed on a pedestal by throngs of blindly devoted followers, transgressions are inevitable. 

Properly dealing with bothersome situations requires a tried and true strategy.  The tactic of choice for the current administration is a combination of an initial frontal assault followed by siege warfare.  First come the waves of administration lackeys.  They relentless drive home the decided upon narrative, minimizing the event’s impact and deflecting the damage of even the most irrefutably incriminatory fact.  Once these lines have been established and fortified with solidarity of unaccountability, it is time to employ the siege machines of delay, stonewall, and deny.  Regardless of how asinine the answers or excuses may be is of no concern; their only purpose is to consume time.  Time is the enemy of truth.  Like a slow moving glacier grinding away at the landscape below, time erodes enthusiasm.  The longer the fog of doubt can be maintained, the quicker the attention grabbing sensationalism is lost and with it the public’s interest and support to seek the truth.  Boredom is this administration’s Excalibur.  By dragging things out the truth is felled, as the inherently impatient nature of the American people is exploited.  If you want something to just go away, hunker down and wait it out, the next shiny new object is right around the corner.

Go with what works.  This is the answer to the question of the day asking why this administration continues to respond in a nonchalant manner to mounting charges even in the face of increasingly damning evidence.  Being action and reaction creatures; the reactions and consequences our past decisions generated are key ingredients in future decisions.  Success is rewarded with repeat performances while failures are pulled from the lineup.  Since inciting division and exploiting a distracted America have worked like charms, only a fool wouldn’t continue to rely on them.  President Obama is many things, but a fool is not one of them.

Anything that threatens to impair this president’s quest to implement his progressive agenda is open season.  Truth interestingly happens to fall into this category.  So out come the president’s supporters with the well-worn message of Republican partisanship, racism, and ignorance as the true source of the nation’s problems.  Then it is simply a matter of beating this drum until the American people are numb. Results: the Fast and Furious debacle is still unresolved and basically forgotten, and the Benghazi attack was dismissed for eight months as a hazard of diplomatic service with the cover-up being nothing more than a result of conflicting intelligence.  A struggling economy that would have sealed the fate of any other incumbent presidential candidate wasn’t even a factor in the election.  Now the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations for intimidating scrutiny is nothing more than a few overzealous low level IRS agents, while the Justice Department’s extended monitoring of multiple reporters’ phone records was in the interests of national security.  Though the results have been generally good for the president there is one last wrinkle to really seal the deal, saying you don’t know how or why anything happened even though you are the one in charge.  Interestingly, somewhere along the way it became acceptable for leaders to not be responsible for or aware of the actions of their subordinates.  Looks like it’s time to break out the Sharpie and make some edits to President Truman’s sign as it is quite obvious the buck doesn’t stop here.

President Obama has been the benefactor of a high and relatively consistent level of support from the American people.  While his tenure has been one littered with scandals and missteps he continues to move forward with the air of an accomplished national leader, a confidence borne of the knowledge that he is immune to accountability.  He has a battle tested plan of deceit for dealing with any bumps in the road, and no qualms about using it.  The Chicago Machine should be proud of its prodigy.  He learned well.  When this is augmented with the cooperation of the administration’s greatest ally, the press, you have a formidable instrument of manipulation.  Any scandals will quickly fade from the national stage or never get a chance to be on it.  Of course covering ones bases should all else fail is essential.  The fail safe is being able to shift the blame elsewhere.  Selecting a proper fall guy is a skill this administration is getting plenty of practice with, but one they are going to need to perfect given their propensity for dismissing truth and the rule of law.  Doing whatever is necessary to seize and increase one’s hold on the ultimate prize of power is the name of the game.  A game this administration will do whatever is necessary to claim victory in, even at the expense of the truth and the American people.