Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Political Fanaticism

A group of people becomes so consumed with a belief system that they lose all form of reason and objectivity.  Ensuring the implementation of this belief system is paramount to such a magnitude that there are no bounds to what will be done.  Laws, morals, facts are all acceptable forms of collateral damage in the crusade.  Antagonism and intimidation are the chosen instruments of persuasion for any opposition, while division is the key to mitigating any threat from the masses.  Truth becomes a manufactured message of ideological tenants.  The leader of the movement is bestowed totalitarian-esque status, questioning of motives or decisions is sacrilege and all actions are fervently defended by the followers with a passion born of absolute acceptance and devotion.  Underlings bear the brunt of sacrifice for the cause, while the leadership crafts their next production railing against the evil their efforts are confronting.  Excuses abound and fault is laid squarely at the feet of any that resist or flourish in the environment opposed. 

Interesting the number of times the situation described above has played out in the span of human history.  What we see transpiring in America today is the next iteration of this same old song; one that will lead to the same destination as all earlier attempts – ruin.  The current administration has a government centric vision they will not waver on seeing to fruition.  Nothing will deter them.  While this type of determination or persistence is normally an admirable trait, like all things it can be corrupted.  A win at all costs mentality’s natural evolution is the rationalizing of the unthinkable, a denial so powerful that nothing is sacred.  When institutions such as constitutional rights, the rule of law, and prescribed constraints on governmental power are the things ridden roughshod over there is nothing positive about it. 

Fanaticism is the irrational support of something combined with an extreme intolerance of an opposing viewpoint.  There is no discussion with this president, he does not value alternative or dissenting opinions and will not listen them.  He is right and all that see things another way are wrong, so wrong that they should not just be ignored, they should be berated, threatened, and removed from the discussion altogether.   Being a political untouchable he prefers the campaign pulpit, a forum where he cannot be challenged while passive aggressively getting in the face of and jabbing his finger in the chests of his political opponents.  In his dealings with those of a differing political vein there is no code of conduct, mutual respect, or even an agreement to disagree.  There is only crushing any opposition, any barrier in order to realize a fundamentally changed America.   

By combining a historic candidate with a cleverly packaged socialist agenda preaching its brand of equality while inciting the always reliable feeling of envy and masterfully presenting it to a people looking for any kind of change, a very strong move was made.  When adding in the good fortune of being handed a near global financial crisis blamed on the opposing political party, the odds went from good to downright unfair.  In fact, the odds were so good that a junior senator from Illinois who was wholly unqualified and thoroughly lacking in any command or leadership experience was swept into the White House with great fanfare.  A baseless hope was created through the election of a man that had accomplished precious little in his life to that point save a few well-received speeches.  Lofty expectations about his fostering of bipartisan harmony and ushering in a new era of cooperation were accepted as a foregone conclusion despite the fact he was a lifetime far left ideologue schooled in the divisive tactics of Chicago politics.  None of this mattered though; he was bestowed with a mandate and the means to implement his will to change things by a nation dazzled by an unsubstantiated claim of inevitable greatness.  A destiny created by a coalition of a determined political left and an adoring media that sacrificed its journalistic integrity for a chance to advance its liberal leanings.  The situation they had patiently laid in wait for had finally arrived and they were going to take full advantage of it.

Leadership is not part of Obama’s repertoire, that spot in his quiver is occupied instead by the arrow of coercion.  Unable to garner support for his vision on its merits, the only path to implementation is force.  Those that refuse to submit are the focus of the faithful’s wrath.  The president must be kept above the fray to maintain some semblance of prestige, so the minions hurl the baseless allegations, perpetuate the smear campaigns, and are always on the prowl for a sound bite to edit into a reputation crushing blunder.  The same loyal soldiers throw themselves in front of any political train wrecks that threaten to divert the march toward a new national order.  Flaws and failures must be mitigated as to not tarnish the carefully crafted charismatic image of an administration that is benevolently righting all the wrongs of the evil America that preceded their rise to power.  Controlling the information is key to manipulating the public’s perception, a feat easily accomplished with the three ponged offensive of dismissive journalism, solidarity in silence, and offering up ignorance and incompetence as valid explanations for any potentially damaging situations.  Combine all this with the building trend of a society that has a limited attention span and little interest in the politics of their nation and you have a situation ripe to being taken advantage of.  Especially by an ideological group that has anxiously awaited a realistic opportunity to unleash their brand of social justice upon the nation whose unparalleled achievement through self-reliance has consistently proven them wrong for close to 237 years. 

The myriad of political scandals that today plague the Obama administration is irrefutable evidence of what they are capable of.  This is a government whose first reaction is to lie, conceal, and suppress when faced with adversity.   Any threat to their advance is met with a closing of ranks and the persistent efforts by loyal supporters to marginalize each offense, even to the point of accepting incompetence as a reasonable excuse.  This na├»ve and idealistic group shows either a great immaturity or a general disregard in their actions as their reckless obedience blinds them to the growing risk they are fostering by allowing new and dangerous precedents to be set.  All of this is a byproduct of a wholly determined group hell-bent on seeing their worldview become reality even though the massive expansion of the national government’s size and scope they advocate is an open invitation to the rise of a tyrannical regime.   Without an astute citizenry checking their offensive, the zealots will simply go about their business of herding the United States down the path to a condition that will render our country unrecognizable.  A place with government incited coercion, suppression of political dissent, an absence of ambition and motivation, and an equality of mediocrity will supplant our once proud and defiant nation.  

This situation was made possible by the actions of previous administrations.  The expansion of the national government’s power and intrusion into the everyday lives of the American people is not solely a product of the current administration, and with each transgression the line of what was considered acceptable was pushed further out.  The difference between the actions of those that came before him and President Obama is the extent to which this situation has been taken advantage of.  For him and the increasingly radical Democratic Party there are no lines.  Beyond simple arrogance, he believes he is so right that there is nothing that should be considered out of bounds in the efforts to institute his promised fundamental change, a mission to save the masses from the perils of Capitalism and the inequalities of life.  Ideologue and fanatic are not complements as neither allows for the moderating effects of reality.  When reality is not part of the equation, failure is inevitable.  There is nothing wrong with being passionate and devoted to a cause, expect when reason, objectivity, and morality are forsaken in the process.  How ironic that a group that claims the mantra of tolerance is only tolerant of those that share their views.