Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Great Democratic Deception

To make one believe you are helping them all the while siphoning away their desire and ability to resist is a most devious charade.  Only those truly obsessed with power or lacking a soul would lead another down this destructive path for if left unchecked, the result is a descent to the often dark place of dependence.  Dependence is the ultimate tool of subjugation for it changes want to a perception of need.   This deception is the core of Socialism and ironically the reason it will always fail, for a people wholly dependent on a national government will never be able to sustain a functional and prosperous society.  Regardless of this ideology’s inevitably self-destructive ends, the Democratic Party’s leadership has embraced it with great fervor and is implementing it with a disturbing amount of electoral support.  They have enjoyed such success with this ruse that despite a reality of benefiting no one outside of themselves, they continue to be cast as the compassionate party.  Even their ever mounting failed body of work does not seem to deter their faithful supporters.  The task is made easier by being the benefactors of a seemingly endless benefit of the doubt from half of the electorate; while most of the other half is either not paying attention or squabbling over ideological purity.  "Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower.

All human action is the result of one simple thing – the proper motivation.  A desired end state is the driving force behind all decisions, good, bad, or indifferent.  The greater the craving, the greater the lengths people are willing to go to satisfy it.  As any drug dealer, con man, or cult leader could tell you, things such as loyalty, logic, morality, and even one’s own well-being can quickly become casualties in an effort to obtain whatever it is an individual yearns for.  Understanding this very basic premise of human behavior is the key to understanding the current state of our nation.  The left has found out what people want, what they really want, and provided it to them. Though no one would stand up and say they want to be a victim, the sympathy and the relief from responsibility that comes with the designation sure has its appeal for an increasing segment of our society.  Providing excuses as a convenient replacement for meeting expectations and supporting the entitlement movement plays well to the increasing numbers that believe government exists to provide.  Uncle Sam can be quite the sugar daddy, and he is all too eager to oblige in exchange for the control that comes with being the company store.  Vote the wrong way and the now depended on subsistence is no more.   When you believe you are at the mercy of some great threat with your very existence or way of life in the balance then there are no ends to what you will do to support those claiming to be your salvation.  In this fairy tale, anyone preaching such outdated ideas as accountability, standards, and earned success is the Big Bad Wolf.

Sadly, the Democratic Party is very in tune with the true desires of a changing American society.  This understanding and their exploitation of it are the keys to the great success they are experiencing in capitalizing on their campaign to fundamentally transform our nation.   It is unfortunate, but the political party with thinking more in line with our foundational beliefs and those that enabled our rise to prominence is the one now flailing wildly in their attempt to connect with the American electorate.  Cherishing the chance to earn a better life that drew so many here and set us apart from the rest of the world is now routinely labeled as the cold and heartless ethos of the privileged.  How the mighty have fallen when the condescending message of individual success being unobtainable without the assistance of government wins out over empowerment through self-reliance.  We are a nation in decline because that is where our motivations are pulling us.

Liberty is not a venture for the faint of heart.  This is why subjugation is so much more prevalent than independence. Few have the fortitude necessary to endure the rigors of the perpetual burden of vigilance that freedom demands.  From the time the last shots of the Revolution were fired there were those that were looking to find a way to wrestle freedom from the people’s grasp in order to endow themselves with power.  The people’s defense was a natural distrust of government and a deep reverence for the liberation possible only through self-reliance.  Allow this defiance to be tamed with the marginalizing effects of growing dependence and citizens quickly become subjects.  Show me a people lulled into an increasing comfort with expanding government intervention, and I will show you a people not long for self-rule.  In our current scenario, where the people have replaced reliance on self for reliance on a governmental benefactor, we have willingly forfeited our greatest leverage against a national government hell-bent on increasing its sphere of influence.   

Our nation was founded on a single principle, the opportunity to define one’s place in society through personal actions and decisions.  Here, you would be a product of self-determination.  Apparently the shine has faded from that gem as the very debilitating view of a government dependent society is now preferred by many and has earned the increasingly leftist Democratic Party an extremely loyal voting bloc along with a benevolent reputation. Who knew that telling people they couldn't make it and the world was against them would result in an almost unshakable following.   It should be no surprise the Democrats were successful at getting a man wholly unqualified elected and reelected president, for it is a small accomplishment in comparison to the deception they pulled off in getting many Americans to abandon self-determination to kneel before the altar of government dependence.  This situation serves as a reminder that every great civilization falls, and the worst pain is that which is self-inflicted.