Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago yesterday greatness was born.  A nation forged in revolution not just against the rule of an empire, but against an accepted fate devoid of choice.  Thirteen colonies united in the defiant cause to cast off the oppression that pervaded the old world.  An audacious Declaration of Independence boldly proclaimed self-determination as an inalienable right of all.  Centuries of darkness were swept away as the light of a new beacon of hope was ignited.  The new world was no longer just a geographic term it was now a legitimate expectation of a better life guided by one’s own hand.  Humankind had finally been liberated from its own self-imposed bonds and the time had come to see what we were truly capable of.  A nation like none before it defied overwhelming odds and found a way to not only survive but prosper and flourish as the world’s greatest creation. 

America is truly exceptional.  To deny this is a fool’s errand for the body of achievement we have amassed in our short existence is simply unparalleled.  Two hundred thirty-eight years to rise from colonies to world super power has no explanation other than we are a nation of people unlike any this world has ever seen.  Our democratic republic was the creation of genius.  Its promise of freedom and opportunity speaks to a primal human desire and in doing so people flocked here to capitalize on what only we offered.  We drew from the four corners of the globe and with the masses came the talent and desire to achieve.  In an environment that nourished potential milestones fell and the success benefited all.  A legend emerged and the world had a new champion.

Nothing that involves humans will ever be perfect, but the United States comes very close.  Our history does include times for which we cannot make amends, but they are few in comparison to our deeds of liberation, loyalty, and charity.  When one truly wants to measure their worth they must ask themselves if the world is a better place because they were in it.  For America, the answer is a resounding yes.  We were not only the first to put freedom to the test of reality, we have also gladly shouldered the responsibility of being its guardian.  American military might has seen jungles, deserts, beaches, and farm fields in the crusade to defend liberty at home and abroad.  Our friends have known no greater ally and our enemies no greater foe.  Our assistance comes in many forms as American aid fuels those still seeking their own deliverance and comforts those that must pay the steep price freedom demands.  In a world that will always have those employing oppression in their quest for power, may there always be the vigilant watchmen standing at the ready to dispatch the next threat.

July 4th is not just the day a nation was born; it is also marks the beginning of a new age in human existence.  People came here because the old world and it limitations did not suit them.  History is filled with kingdoms, empires, and dictatorships that ruled through suppression and class systems.  The United States was the first country founded on freedom and individual rights.  The American Revolution was not just between thirteen colonies and the crown they felt unjustly ruled over them, it was between two different views of how the world should be.  Old and new clashed and the world won.  Despite inconceivable odds, America not only prevailed but supplanted the empire that once ruled it as the global power.  What is even more remarkable is that this feat was accomplished through the liberation of human potential.   Americans are different, some view it as arrogance but they are wrong.  We are different and extraordinary because we are the product of a revolution that won our right to be.

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