Sunday, August 17, 2014

America's Plea

My Dear American People,

Have I not provided you with opportunities that are the envy of the world?  Are you not the most free and prosperous people on the planet?  Did you not rapidly ascend from a group of loosely aligned colonies to global powerhouse in the blink of an eye?  Has human potential been nurtured and unleashed to a magnitude not previously experienced by any other civilization in human history?  As the answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes, I ask but one more - Why would you surrender this state of exceptionalism for apathy?

I was but a fantastic dream until a very special people guided by a divine hand gave me life.  I am the product of a glorious revolution, a forceful rejection of the tyranny that was the Old World.  Against inconceivable odds, my champions prevailed.  With unparalleled foresight and legendary determination they achieved the greatest feat of human existence– a nation ruled by self-determination.  My short history is littered with a fair share of strife and conflict.  From each trial, I emerged stronger and wiser.  I am the ultimate gift of the ages; the defining monument to what mankind is capable of when unleashed to be inspired.  As the beacon of hope for all pining for the freedom to define their place in this world, I am the light driving away the weighty darkness of despair. 

People come from all corners of the globe because I offer something no one else does, a chance.  I promise nothing, failure and success are equal possibilities, but a chance is the catalyst that transforms potential into substance.  Your parent’s place in this world matters not to me; I see you for who you truly are, and the sum of your own actions is how I judge you.  Your place in my society is a product of your own making.  While achievement is not easy for most, I make it a possibility for all.  The steep price I demand for this prospect is skill, determination, and hard work.  I am not about dependence, I am defiance.  I was created with the knowledge that nothing worth having is easily obtained.  In this tradition, I forged a strong people through continual trials of fortitude.  It was this crucible that made you a people of legendary perseverance, the unique and essential quality separating you from all others. 

My worth is measured in the immense sacrifice borne by my patriots past and present.  Their love evident in the last full measure they have freely given for over two centuries to ensure I see tomorrow.  They have defended my cause of liberty on countless battlefields around the world and at home with their epic valor affirming my flag as the globally recognized guidon of freedom.  I am the bane of tyranny because they stand at the ready to confront and dispatch any that engage in subjugation.  My very existence threatens these disciples of the evil ideology that is suppression.  With their numbers being many, I am eternally thankful my protectors are so resolute.  My 238 years of greatness are an undeniable tribute to their service.  For this, they have my undying gratitude.    

 My elevated place in this world carries with it a tremendous burden.  Everyone looks to and at same time envies the one on top of the mountain.  Couple this added external pressure with the fact that I demand more of you, my citizens, than any other nation and you have a true test of allegiance.  You are blessed with the duty of selecting those that will implement your will, those that will execute the continual process of guiding and shaping me.  Your decisions are to be executed by these elected servants.  For reasons unknown, you seem to have forgotten that they serve you, you do not serve them.  These proxies must be chosen wisely, for being the preeminent nation on the planet means your decisions have far reaching effects.  You choose leaders not just for yourselves, but for the entire free world.  Each vote must be cast with the knowledge it is capable of being the deciding factor between a world of calm or one of chaos.  With so much hanging in the balance it imperative that only those of the highest merit be elected to the seats of power.  Unfortunately, my current state of decline along with that of the world shows you have failed miserably to meet this critical standard.  How very disappointing.

Being so very blessed can be a curse.  When extraordinary gifts such as freedom, democracy, and capitalism become the norm, their value is no longer recognized and the struggle that was necessary to attain them is forgotten.  How sad to be so very fortunate and so very ungrateful.  A people that does not honor the privilege of self-determination by being properly engaged, aware, and interested is not one that will long enjoy it.  Democracy’s greatest strength, citizen rule, is also its greatest weakness.  In order for a Democratic Republic to survive, it must be tended to by an astute electorate.  When votes are cast in ignorance with fickle and trivial reasoning in support of inept candidates, you willing condone the systematic cessation of my continued existence.  I am the highest form of human civilization; in turn you must be the most enlightened in order for me to survive.  You are my lifeblood, so I pray you hear my plea.  Do not succumb to the convenience of apathy.  Refuse to dwell in the prison of naivety.  Reject the excuse of victimization.  Seize the torch passed to you by previous generations and embrace the tremendous honor and immense responsibility that comes with the privilege of being a citizen of the United States of America.  I am, as I have always been, at your mercy.  Time is short and the point of no return is rapidly approaching.  Do not turn your back on the greatness that is your legacy because you fear the effort required.  People are defined by their actions.  In this, my time of great need, will you be my savior, or my end?